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We can make ourselves kawaii in two ways, one is on the outside, that is, kawaii fashion. One is from the inner, that is, to stay cute and sweet inside.

Kawaii refers to items, humans, and non-humans that are charming, vulnerable, shy and childlike.  (Wikipedia)

However, we typically associate the term “kawaii” with cute, girly, adorable fashions, etc. Recently, kawaii culture has grown in popularity.

So why is kawaii so popular?

I believe there are several reasons.

  1.  the spread of Japanese anime culture and the popularity of cartoon characters such as the well-known Pokemon Pikachu, Doraemon, American Girl Warrior, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, etc. In almost every country on earth, these anime are very popular. The cute girl characters in anime and manga have also contributed to the development of cute culture.
  2. The “kawaii” movement celebrates beauty, innocence, and youth, which is right in line with the tastes of young people.
  3. Kawaii culture has spread faster due to the development of social media. This is because young people dominate the social media user base. Dressing, decorating, and other aspects of kawaii culture attract more attention in the videos.

So, kawaii culture’s most striking quality is its emphasis on beauty and sweetness, which are concepts that appeal to the interests of young people.

I still adore the innocent, childlike, and cute state even though I’m getting close to 30. How then can we develop kawaii qualities from the inside out?


How to become kawaii (cute) from the inside

  1.  One thing to keep in mind is that being “kawaii” involves more than just dressing and acting in a cute way; it also entails learning how to adopt a variety of behaviors and mannerisms that can enhance one’s cuteness. People are more likely to like you as a person if they find you cute, in addition to thinking you are attractive, cute, or smart. However, you are confident in your ability to love this person, your enthusiasm for life, your pleasure in each other, and your ease in this relationship.
  2. Allow yourself to become kawaii first by preserving your aura, regardless of the direction in which you want to take your style. We are aware that it is very difficult to give an accurate description of temperament and that having confidence is a sign of cuteness.
  3. Always keep an open and inquisitive mind; when I need more information about something, I ask for it. The desire to learn more about the world is what we mean when we talk about curiosity; this trait should not be confused with an interest in the personal lives of other people or in local gossip.
  4. You also have the opportunity to cultivate your own preferences and likes, to remain faithful to them, and to fall in love with them. as long as it brings you joy (and not just the fleeting pleasure of capitalizing on the misery of others), go for it.
  5. A disposition that is upbeat and optimistic. I think that in order to be kawaii, a person needs to have a sunny disposition and a can-do attitude, rather than one that is constantly pessimistic and enjoys finding fault with others. Being youthful and full of vitality are signs that a person is optimistic and positive.

To provide a concise summary of this extensive topic, the secret to becoming kawaii on the inside is to cultivate the characteristics of a person who loves life, finds beauty, remains curious, maintains a childlike curiosity, possesses self-confidence, and has experienced positive personal growth. Isn’t that, in fact, the secret to retaining an impression of one’s own youthfulness?

How to look kawaii outside

  1. Japanese makeup can serve as a useful reference point. The eyes should be large and expressive, the outer corners of the eyes should be turned downward, the nose should be thin, and the foundation of Japanese makeup should be clear and see-through. The use of blush is yet another thing that makes a great deal of sense. Lip gloss is absolutely necessary for my opinion. Instead of lipstick, you should try using a lip glaze or gloss.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the kawaii hairstyle. In most cases, one’s hair should be kept long, styled loosely with bangs, and trimmed close to the side of the face. You have the option of dying your hair a gentle, light shade. You can also acquire knowledge regarding charming hairdos. A cute headband and a braid are a cute combination for young women with short hair.
  3. Lighter hues are the ones that people most often think of when they hear the word “kawaii,” so keep that in mind.
    There are essentially two different categories of people’s skin tones. tones with a cool and warm temperature. Clothing in softer shades of blue and green look great against cool skin tones. Colors like light reds and yellows look great on warm skin tones.

    You should not consider it mandatory to dress in white simply because of this. If you prefer to dress in dark colors, you can still look put together by selecting garments that feature charming details, such as polka dots, sweet flowers, or other appealing pattern designs.

  4. Accessories are a good option to go with. I can empathize with how challenging it is to pick just one adorable decoration when there is such a wide variety of adorable options available. everything from cell phone cases and handbags to water bottles and belts, headphones and shoes, pins and stickers, and so on and so forth.

Kawaii Fashion Store is a shop where you can discover even more adorable kawaii things to buy.

To summarize, the outer kawaii is just the cherry on top and may give people the first impression that you are really kawaii. However, this is not necessarily the case. You need to concentrate on the inner grooming of your appearance if you truly want to become kawaii. Keep your love, your curiosity, and the childlike innocence you once possessed.

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